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The Political Heritage of the Ukrainian People’s Republic and the Ukrainian Liberation Movement between the two World Wars

(Speech at the conference “Commemorating the Ukrainian National Republic and Its Legacy in Princeton Club of New York. September 22, 2018). The topic of a nation’s struggle for state independence has never lost its importance in art and international political … Продовження

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Course “The Basics of Hermeneutics”. Syllabus: 2018-2019

Kyiv-Mohyla School of Journalism Course “The Basics of Hermeneutics” Syllabus.-2018-2019

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Videos about Hermeneutics


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Дискусія в Manor College, літо 2016.

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1. Introduction 2. The First Systems of Interpretation 3. Essayistic Hermeneutics 4. Romantic Hermeneutics 5. Phenomenology 6. Ignatius Loyola_Сognitive and Imaginative Understanding 7.-Dmytro-Chyzhevskyi-and-Hryhoriy-Skovoroda_Hermeneutics-of-Style-and-Philosophy-of-the-Heart 8. Existentialism 9. Semiotics and Structuralism 10. Postmodernism 11. Philosophical Hermeneutics

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Serhiy Kvit: Visiting Scholar at The Europe Center, 2017-2018


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A roadmap to higher education reform via autonomy

16 March 2018 Issue No:497 The quality of Ukrainian higher education and its academic integrity depends on the implementation of university autonomy. That autonomy is a central feature of the Roadmap to Higher Education Reform published last week and developed with leading … Продовження

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The Future of Ukraine and the European Union

Presentation at the University of Florida (February, 1, 2018): The Future of Ukraine and the European Union

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Understanding Recent Education Reform in Ukraine

Presentation at Florida State University (February, 2, 2018): Understanding Recent Education Reform in Ukraine

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Implementing Ukrainian Law on Higher Education: Successes and Challenges

The article of Serhiy Kvit includes the list of the most important issues related to the task of implementation of the new law “On Higher Education” with all needed orders and decisions of the Ukrainian government and particularly of the … Продовження

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