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Open Yale courses: Introduction to Theory of Literature with professor Paul H. Fry

About Professor Paul H. Fry Paul H. Fry is the William Lampson Professor of English at Yale and specializes in British Romanticism, literary theory, and literature and the visual arts. He was educated at the University of California, Berkeley and … Продовження

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A History of Philosophy with Dr. Arthur Holmes

Arthur Frank Holmes (March 15, 1924 – October 8, 2011) was Professor of Philosophy at Wheaton College, Illinois (1951–1994). Before his retirement in 1994, he had served for several decades as Chairman of Wheaton’s Department of Philosophy. Thereafter, he held … Продовження

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Video: GADAMER BY JESSICA FRAZIER (St. Johns College Nottingham)

Jessica Frazier Having studied Sanskrit, Hindu culture and continental philosophy at Cambridge and Oxford, my work now focuses on key themes in Hinduism and religious philosophies more widely. I work on philosophies and arts, focusing on ontology, aesthetics, and India’s … Продовження

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Video: Why Study…Hermeneutics with Prof. Anthony C. Thiselton. University of Nottingham

Canon Professor Anthony C. Thiselton is a world-renowned specialist in biblical interpretation whose work is the subject of a number of PhD theses. He is included among 39 biblical scholars of significance since the eighteenth century in the Dictionary of … Продовження

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Основи герменевтики. Навчально-методичний комплекс дисципліни. 2016

Основи герменевтики-2016

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Truth: Philosophy in Transit

  John D. Caputo. Truth: Philosophy in Transit. Penguin Press, 2013. Reviewed by: Serhiy Kvit Source: Kyiv-Mohyla Humanities Journal 1 (2014): 267–273. Published by: National University of Kyiv-Mohyla Academy Truth Philosophy in Transit  

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The Hermeneutics of Style (2011)

Kyiv-Mohyla Journal. Philosophy 2011, V. 2 The basis of the article is my paper presented at the International Congress on Hermeneutics (Warsaw, 5–8 September 2011). Abstract: In this article Serhiy Kvit clarifies the concept of the “hermeneutics of style”. It … Продовження

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Герменевтика стилю (2011)

Герменевтика стилю (2011).pdf

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Міжнародний конгрес з герменевтики

Вперше в житті візьму участь у спеціалізованому Міжнародному конгресі з герменевтики, що організовується у Варшаві 5-8 вересня Міжнародним інститутом герменевтики. Тема: “Герменевтика – етика – освіта – медіа”. Тут програма конференції: International Congress on Hermeneutics_ Program

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Saint Augustine’s Hermeneutical Universalism (2010)

Saint Augustine’s Hermeneutical Universalism_2010

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