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The Future of Ukraine and the European Union

Presentation at the University of Florida (February, 1, 2018): The Future of Ukraine and the European Union

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Understanding Recent Education Reform in Ukraine

Presentation at Florida State University (February, 2, 2018): Understanding Recent Education Reform in Ukraine

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Implementing Ukrainian Law on Higher Education: Successes and Challenges

The article of Serhiy Kvit includes the list of the most important issues related to the task of implementation of the new law “On Higher Education” with all needed orders and decisions of the Ukrainian government and particularly of the … Продовження

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The Ukrainian Liberation Movement in the Interwar Period (1923-1939): Organizational Forms, Methods and Political Ideology

Speech at the conference “Ukraine’s Century of Struggle to Secure Independence”, December, 7-8 2017. Washington, DC. It is extremely difficult to understand the complexities of the Ukrainian component during the interwar period, despite the relatively short timeframe involved. We see this in … Продовження

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