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Articles about the war

https://bit.ly/3aJb7LF https://bit.ly/3xzmVJt https://bit.ly/3HaOQTd https://cutt.ly/KL3MQ0D

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Universities as Creators of the Future: Lessons from the Embattled Ukraine

OleksiyenkoKvit.CGHEOxfordU.19052022 Universities often act as legacy institutions, cherishing their achievements and impacts. However, universities are also institutions that shape the future. Their professors, students, and alumni construct national identities and cultures, as well as spearhead and lead societal transformations.

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Ukrainian Nationalism, Ustashism, and Fascism: The Subject-Matter and Context of the Discussion

Ukrainian Nationalism, Ustashism, and Fascism- The Subject-Matter and Context of the Discussion JOURNAL OF SOVIET AND POST-SOVIET POLITICS AND SOCIETY Vol. 7, No. 2 (2021)

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