Declaration from NaUKMA Faculty and Students

We declare a resolute protest on the latest in a series of violence expressions undertaken by Ukrainian government in order to suppress peaceful protests of Ukrainian people.

We call the bluff of the government: having changed constitutional order in Ukraine in a non-constitutional way in September 2010, and having cancelled self-administration in the Ukrainian capital, they only imitate legitimacy.

We know the worth of decisions made by puppet courts.

We know that Ukrainian militia is forced to defend corrupted authorities instead of defending the Law.

We are indignant at cynicism of the President of Ukraine who declares readiness to start a dialog and in the next breath sets anti-riot squads on peaceful protesters.

We demand of the government to come to senses and to stop violence immediately.

We call academic community of Kyiv and Ukraine and all people who feel concern for Ukraine’s future to defend democracy and our future together.

Glory to Ukraine! Slava Ukraini!

Affirmed at a general meeting of faculty and students on December 11, 2013, at 1 pm

Опубліковано у Університет. Додати до закладок постійне посилання.