The Hermeneutics of Style

Kyiv-Mohyla Journal. Philosophy 2011, V. 2

The basis of the article is my paper presented at the International Congress on Hermeneutics (Warsaw, 5–8 September 2011).

Abstract: In this article Serhiy Kvit clarifies the concept of the “hermeneutics of style”. It was introduced in his book of the same name published this year by the Kyiv-Mohyla Academy Publishing House. The concept is related to such key notions of philosophical hermeneutics as “hermeneutic conversation” and the “hermeneutic phenomenon”, established by Hans-Georg Gadamer. On the other hand, the concept is directly related to the European essayistic tradition and corresponding “essayistic turn” in Martin Heidegger’s thinking. Author also examines terms such as “humanness” and “essayism”, and will also make an attempt to review Umberto Eco’s term of “overinterpretation”.

Keywords: hermeneutics of style, hermeneutic conversation, hermeneutic phenomenon, humanness, essayism, overinterpretation.

The Hermeneutics of Style (2011)

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